Growing in Spirit

We are a safe place to seek, grow, question, and demonstrate who we are in Christ.

Classes and small groups offer opportunities to gather with others and talk about our understanding of God, Jesus, the Bible, religion, life, compassion, serving, loving and a myriad of other important topics in our lives.

Because we are a compassionate, connected community that is respectful of differences, you will find a range of views and beliefs about what it means to live as disciples of Jesus and invite people to share their journey.

Classes and Study Groups

At Maple Grove we gather for Sunday school classes and weekday studies, some are long term and other classes are short term. These study groups offer people a place to dive into a topic and explore who God is and how God speaking to them in their lives.

Current Weekly Classes via Zoom:

9 AM Sunday Kitchen Class meeting on Zoom reading and discussing Marcus Borg’s book Evolution of the Word: The New Testament in the Order the Books Were Written.

11:15 AM Sunday Sermon and Scripture Discussion on Zoom, pondering thought-provoking questions and sharing how the sermon spoke to us.

10 AM Wednesday Living Spiritually Free on Zoom, using Mark Nepo’s book Seven Thousand Ways to Listen to explore what it means to live as a compassionate, awake, aware individual and honor the spiritual being in other.

Small Groups

Our Small Groups help people connect to God in a deeper way through building committed community that faithfully offers safe space to share life with one other. Our Small Groups provide a place to practice listening to one another, caring for one another, encouraging one another, loving one another, and show up when it’s not convenient.

When done well, small groups are pure gifts for us. They are not meant to spiritually burden us, rather, to lighten our load.

No matter your age, we’d love to connect you with a Maple Grove Small Group! We even have Small Groups meeting that include their small children.