Please review our Guidelines below as you consider
Maple Grove for your wedding.

The wedding ceremony is an act of Christian worship – a celebration! This sacred event should have everlasting memories for you. The wedding ceremony is also personal. Most wedding ceremonies at Maple Grove are traditional. However, we welcome your ideas. This may include other liturgies, readings, and personal marriage vows.


Contacting the Church

1. Call the church office (262-1163) to see if the date and time you desire is available.

2. Complete the wedding plan form and return it to the church office as soon as possible.

3. Our pastor will then call you to schedule an appointment.


Premarital Counseling Sessions

Because we are interested in you we would like to talk with you about the meaning of Christian marriage, plans for your wedding, and about your future. We like to meet with couples at least three times.



Use of Church Building

  1. The Sanctuary, Chapel, and Gazebo are available for weddings. No charge is made for the use of any of these facilities if one of the couple is a member of Maple Grove. Non-members will be charged according to the wedding fee schedule.
  2. Dressing rooms are provided for the bridal party.
  3. A reception may be held in the church. There is a charge for the use of Fellowship Hall for non-members. There is also a custodial charge for both members and non-members. Please contact the church office for this information.
  4. Smoking is not permitted in the building at any time. Alcoholic beverages must not be brought into or served in the building or on the church grounds.
  5. Rice, birdseed or confetti are not to be thrown inside or outside the building.
  6. Pew bows in the Sanctuary or Chapel must be attached with rubber bands, pipe cleaners, elastic or fabric coated wire. Please, no wire or tape.
  7. The church building will be open for the wedding party and deliveries two hours before the ceremony. The wedding party has use of the building for an additional one and one-half hours after the ceremony. Please share this information with your florist, photographer, and wedding party.



The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary seats approximately 500 people. There are 21 pews on each side of the center aisle, an East Transept (seating 53) and a West Transept (seating 49.)

We discourage the use of an aisle cloth. The aisle is 4' ó" wide and 79’ long from the front bottom step to the back wall.



The Sanctuary Altar/Candles

  1. Nothing is to be placed directly on the Fair Cloth (the white covering on the altar.) The church provides the altar paraments.
  2. Flowers - The center flower arrangement should not be over 18” high. Liners must be used. You may use the brass center holder which is 6” by 3.5”. Please notify the church office (262-1163) if you plan to leave the flowers for Sunday services.
  3. Candelabras and Candles – Supplied by the church. See fee schedule sheet.
  4. Candles may be used at the pews only if they are enclosed in glass shades, fastened securely to the pews, and any greenery or bows placed well below the candles.
  5. All fees for the use of candles and candelabra apply to both members and non-members.



The Chapel

Maximum seating in the Chapel is 70. Rules for the Chapel vary a little from those above. The pastor will discuss them with those couples desiring to be married in the Chapel.



The Music

The Maple Grove organist, or a substitute chosen by him, is the only person authorized to use the pipe organ. The organist, Mr. Greg White, is available by appointment. You may contact him at 614-863-9274 or 864-4084 ext. 403. The fee for the organist is $125 without a soloist & $150 with a soloist. As the bride and groom choose music for the wedding ceremony, please remember that the wedding ceremony is an act of Christian worship. Any music used during the service should have redeeming religious value. The organist is ready to help the bride and groom select appropriate music that will make this occasion one of genuine worship. The church will provide you with a music sheet and CD. Please return them after you have reviewed them.


The Marriage License and Fees

No wedding is confirmed on the church calendar until the WEDDING CONFIRMATION FORM is signed by the Pastor and the reservation fee of $250 is paid. The marriage license should be brought to the rehearsal and given to the pastor. All fees and gratuities

should be placed in individual envelopes and given to the pastor at rehearsal or dropped off at the church office the week before the wedding. Fees for use of the building and for candles should be included in one check made payable to “Maple Grove United Methodist Church.”



The Bulletin

A wedding bulletin is optional. All printed bulletins will be prepared by the wedding party and reproduced by a printer. The church office is unable to provide this service. If a couple desires information on the wedding ceremony to prepare the bulletin, they should discuss this with the pastor during their last counseling session.


The Photographs and Videos

In keeping with the worshipful purpose of the marriage celebration, we suggest you designate one person (professional or non-professional) to be your photographer. Flash pictures may be taken during the processional and recessional, but are not allowed during the service. All photographs in the Sanctuary must be completed 30 minutes before the ceremony. During good weather, the Community Park and gazebo are available for the taking of additional pictures. A video tape recording may be made of the marriage ceremony. The camera operator must use a tripod placed near the Christian flag and/or in the back of the Sanctuary. The camera cannot be moved during the ceremony.


Concluding Information

This brochure is designed to guide you in your planning. Our pastor will give you additional printed information on:

· Music Guidelines and Suggestions

· Rental and Fee Schedule

· Wedding Information for the Custodian

Maple Grove Church wishes you every happiness as you make your plans and as you live out your years as husband and wife!


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