Music Guidelines


Music Approval: All music to be played or sung at Maple Grove must be approved by the organist.

Music is an important part of a wedding ceremony. When selecting music, careful attention must be given to the words (if a vocal solo) & music to insure its appropriateness. If your wedding ceremony is held at Maple Grove Church, the music must be Christian in nature. Here are Maple Grove’s music policies:

Vocal Music Guidelines

  1. Love songs that simply speak of the feelings between a man and a woman and have no Christian applicability are not appropriate. Likewise, most songs that you hear on the radio, while pleasing to hear, are not suitable either. Ask your DJ or band if these could be played at the reception.

  2. Vocalists are expected to provide music (not a photocopy) for the organist in the desired key. Do not expect him to transpose it to another key.

  3. Vocalists are expected to learn the music prior to rehearsing with the organist.

  4. Accompaniment tapes/CD’s for the vocalist are allowed, although not encouraged.

  5. Programs: If you are having a program printed, it is best that you do not list all of the Prelude music (due to potential last-minute time variances, such as late-arriving guests). Simply include the Processional(s), Recessional and vocal music (if any), if so desired.

  6. Fee Options:

    $125 - organist plays at wedding rehearsal & ceremony.

    $150 - organist plays at wedding rehearsal & ceremony, PLUS organist rehearses with soloist and accompanies soloist before and/or during ceremony.

  7. Soloist: If a soloist is desired, it is the couple’s responsibility to select and contact this person. If you need help locating a soloist, the organist can help in this process. The soloist’s fee is separate from, and in addition to, the organist’s fee and is the responsibility of the couple. When in doubt, call the organist to discuss any questions you may have.

Most likely, it will not be necessary to meet “in-person” with the organist. Please listen to the Wedding CD, complete this information sheet  or complete the form below (factual data below & music selections on reverse page), then return this sheet and the CD to the church office. Also, call or email the organist as soon as possible to confirm the date & time of your wedding and rehearsal, as well as his availability. If he is not available, he will find a substitute. Thank you!


Please review and complete the form attached below.  




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